Saturday, 6 August 2016


Sorry for not posting often. I kind of forget sometimes that I even have a blog. I may post a story some time after this but I might not. For now please enjoy my previous posts.

Monday, 9 March 2015

The Dragon (Chapter 2)

   The dragon quickly caught up to Princess Michelle. She overtakes the princess and lands in a small clearing. The princess runs into it.
"Goodbye stupid little princess" she hisses. The princess is frozen, her fear locking her in place staring into the dragon's open mouth. The beast's jaws close around her body. The princess's crimson blood drips from the dragon's mouth as she lifts her head. She bugles her triumph, her lips spread apart in a bloody grin. At last her revenge was complete! She lets her mind mull over what she has accomplished.

   Many years ago Princess Michelle's grandfather, Edmund Etheridge, had ordered the eradication of the dragons in that area. The knights slaughtered all the dragons, except for one. She had survived through pure luck. Her parents had hidden her in a crevice in their cave. The knights had luckily overlooked her. And fortunately, she had already learnt to hunt. She had to fly far away to hunt in secret. Ever since she had tried to kill off the whole blood-line. Princess Michelle was the last of the Etheridge family line. Now she had finally succeeded! Her life mission was complete. Her family had been avenged. Now to destroy that stupid city, that was in the middle of nowhere! She muses.

   She flies swiftly back to the city. When she reaches the it, she immediately starts to lay waste to the town. She breathes fire and incinerates the defenders and inhabitants of the city. She uses her tail like a wrecking ball, smashing houses and putting cracks in the city walls. She advances on the keep. She bounds up and over the inner walls and claws her way up to the top of the tallest tower. She starts to hover above the keep, then she arches her neck and lets a river of fire flows from her mouth. Flames engulf the building, cooking alive whoever remains inside. Then she tears open the keep and bats the crucial supports with her paw. The whole thing collapses spraying dust and small pieces of rubble into the air. She scrambles to the walls battlements. She roars her success. The roar echoes throughout the mountains and over emerald sea of trees. Then she starts the long flight back to her cave.

  She is curled up in a smooth hollow in the floor of her cave. She shuffles slightly to make herself more comfortable. The dragon hears a whisper outside her cave.
"The beast that destroyed the city of Bruntham must be inside! Hurry it might smell us." Another voice whispers back
"Do you think it hoards treasure like in the tales."
"It might, but I have never been inside a dragon's lair. I have always fought them outside."
"This should be easy then, right?"
"Oh yeah um sure" the first disembodied voice sounded nervous. Then it clicks in the dragon's mind. Knights have come to slay her and avenge all whom she had killed. Ha she thinks it will be easy......for me. A bloody grin splits her face. Knights are very tasty she muses. All that nobility makes them very sweet.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

This is the place to be

The tops of the lush green hills are bathed in golden sunlight as the sun rises. I roll out of bed, yawning. I wander downstairs to get some food for breakfast. I grab the handle of the pantry and rip it open. I stare at the contents, thinking about what I want to eat. I grab a can of spaghetti, open it and heat it up. As I eat I think of what I am going to do today. When I finish I rinse my bowl out in the sink. I race upstairs to get dressed. After I have slipped into my clothes I rush downstairs. I burst out the front door. I run up our drive way. I jump and my feet leave the ground. I soar up towards the sun. I fly over the small village I live in and land on one of the hills. I smile as my feet touch the ground again. My grey-blue eyes sweep their gaze across the valley. The air is filled with sound of cars and birds singing. The tops of emerald trees sway in the gentle breeze. I take a deep breath and think..... this is the place to be

Walking in the rain

The cold rain chills my skin. I pull my raincoat tighter, trying to stop the wind from tearing through my body and freezing me. Another cold drop rolls down my back. They feel like freezing fingers drawing abstract pictures on my back. I tug my hood up over my head to prevent any more falling onto my back. I close my eyes and trust my feet to go the correct way. I slip off the footpath and onto the road. Eyes snap open and my head jolts up. My arms fly out to keep my balance. But it's not enough. My feet slip out from under me and my knees scrape along the ground. My head hits the road and my vision flashes white. I lie on the ground in shock. Then a voice speaks.
"On your feet. Come on chop chop we don't have all day!" I look up. A man stands in front of me wearing a starry robe that drags on the ground. His hair and beard are snowy white. His ice blue eyes drill into me, seemingly finding all my darkest secrets. Half moon spectacles sit almost daintily on his nose. A hand reaches out. I take it. I'm pulled up and my feet come under me again.
"Good, now let us be off!" He whistles loudly. Nothing happens. He glances down to his shiny silver watch, a frown wrinkling his face.
"Blasted creature. It's always late" The man grumbles. Then a strange thing comes into view above us. It dives down and land on the road just in front of us. I gasp. Its a hippogriff. The man mounts it and strokes its neck.
"Jump on Elise" He calls. I sit in front of him and hug the hippogriff's thick, silver neck.
"You know my name but I don't believe I caught yours" I say
"No you didn't " he laughs.
Well I must be dead if this man is what I think he is. The thought swirls around in my head, my brain automatically dividing the logical from the improbable. Well this is almost impossible but I'm gonna roll with it and see where this goes. The thought sticks into my head developing into a plan. At the moment we're surrounded by clouds, and they envelop us in a damp, cool embrace.
   The hippogriff breaks through the cloud cover and a beautiful landscape enters my view. Mountains  the size of skyscrapers covered with a blanket of snow create almost impenetrable walls for a valley with a silvery river flowing straight through. A lush green carpets the lower region of the valley. The hippogriff swoops down and flies roughly two metres above the water. We follow the river while it rounds a corner. A grand castle sits on a small rise. The building is built of beige brick and the many roofs are made up of faded blue slate.
"Welcome to Avalon, a school of wizardry" He announces proudly, his chest swelling like some kind of pompous bird showing off. I am gobsmacked. Am I a wizard?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Dragon (Chapter 1)

   The sun illuminates the forest, causing the dragon's incandescent blue scales to glitter and reflect the sun light. The dragon yawns and stretches like a cat. She blinks repeatedly before stretching her wings. Then she jumps. She brings her wings down, hard again and again, until she flies out of the hollow she slept in and clears the treetops. She soars over the rippling leaves, lazily drifting from updraft to updraft, her sinewy length glinting like a treasure trove of jewels. The trees pass beneath like an emerald sea, waving and rippling as one.
   As she draws near the castle, warning horns wind, echoing through the mountains and and forest. She roars in reply. She was coming closer and closer, her incandescent scales blinding the soldiers. Archers send volley after volley of arrows but none could pierce the dragons impenetrable sapphire scales. Suddenly white hot flames burst forth out of her mouth. Defenders are quickly consumed by fire. Many men turn and flee towards the keep, screaming as they run.
"Princess Michelle where are you? Its time to come out and play!"The beast bellows in a malicious tone.
   Then at that moment the wind changes. Her sensitive nose catches a whiff of the princess. "I'll be back" the dragon threatens
"I'll be back." Then she turns and follows the scent of the princess.
"I am going to get you Princess Michelle. You can't run forever!" She calls to the princess.
"And I will kill you"

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Dragon (Prologue)

   I push the door open and tiptoe gingerly down the stairs. I walk into the courtyard. A fire blazes in the blackened brazier. A man steps out of the shadows. He asks 
"Are you ready?"
"Yes" I reply
"Then lets ride." I mount my charger and we slip away into the forest. Pink flowers bloom despite the auburn leaves adorning the trees. And we ride. We pass through a village in which we can hear beautiful music filling the air. I long to stop and listen but we need to keep going.

   I am exhausted but we keep climbing orange sandstone stairs. We stop. I lean against my horse and whisper into his mane 
"We made it."
Then we walk into the fortress.

   Old houses surround us as we head toward the keep. Pale faces peep at us as walk past, scrutinising the strangers.When we enter the keep, stable-hands take our horses. The lord bursts through a huge pair of doors. A boom echoes through the high ceilinged entrance hall. A relived look passes briefly across his face. 
"Good. You made it. I trust that no harm fell across the princess?"
"No m'lord" The man replies looking down. Then I realize that the man that I rode here is nothing more than a servant. It was a bit of a shame really, as I had taken a liking to him.
"Excellent. Come this way princess Michelle, a feast awaits you." I follow him to the dining hall. Then my eyes fall upon the banquet. There is whole boar and whole deer, cakes galore and soups of every kind. Almost every type of mouth-watering food, you name it, it was there. I make polite conversation between mouthfuls, but I don't say more than I need to say. When the feast is finished I am escorted to my quarters. I washed the dust and dirt from body and sleep long and deep, safe in the fortress.

   I splash through the creek just outside the fortress under the leafy expanse of the forest, deep in thought when alarm horns break the silence. A roar replies. Oh no I think dread filling my body. How did it find me here? This is the most isolated, allied, fortress I could find in the kingdom. All these thoughts come rushing through my brain at a million miles an hour. I start to run.
The Dragon is here.