Monday, 9 March 2015

The Dragon (Chapter 2)

   The dragon quickly caught up to Princess Michelle. She overtakes the princess and lands in a small clearing. The princess runs into it.
"Goodbye stupid little princess" she hisses. The princess is frozen, her fear locking her in place staring into the dragon's open mouth. The beast's jaws close around her body. The princess's crimson blood drips from the dragon's mouth as she lifts her head. She bugles her triumph, her lips spread apart in a bloody grin. At last her revenge was complete! She lets her mind mull over what she has accomplished.

   Many years ago Princess Michelle's grandfather, Edmund Etheridge, had ordered the eradication of the dragons in that area. The knights slaughtered all the dragons, except for one. She had survived through pure luck. Her parents had hidden her in a crevice in their cave. The knights had luckily overlooked her. And fortunately, she had already learnt to hunt. She had to fly far away to hunt in secret. Ever since she had tried to kill off the whole blood-line. Princess Michelle was the last of the Etheridge family line. Now she had finally succeeded! Her life mission was complete. Her family had been avenged. Now to destroy that stupid city, that was in the middle of nowhere! She muses.

   She flies swiftly back to the city. When she reaches the it, she immediately starts to lay waste to the town. She breathes fire and incinerates the defenders and inhabitants of the city. She uses her tail like a wrecking ball, smashing houses and putting cracks in the city walls. She advances on the keep. She bounds up and over the inner walls and claws her way up to the top of the tallest tower. She starts to hover above the keep, then she arches her neck and lets a river of fire flows from her mouth. Flames engulf the building, cooking alive whoever remains inside. Then she tears open the keep and bats the crucial supports with her paw. The whole thing collapses spraying dust and small pieces of rubble into the air. She scrambles to the walls battlements. She roars her success. The roar echoes throughout the mountains and over emerald sea of trees. Then she starts the long flight back to her cave.

  She is curled up in a smooth hollow in the floor of her cave. She shuffles slightly to make herself more comfortable. The dragon hears a whisper outside her cave.
"The beast that destroyed the city of Bruntham must be inside! Hurry it might smell us." Another voice whispers back
"Do you think it hoards treasure like in the tales."
"It might, but I have never been inside a dragon's lair. I have always fought them outside."
"This should be easy then, right?"
"Oh yeah um sure" the first disembodied voice sounded nervous. Then it clicks in the dragon's mind. Knights have come to slay her and avenge all whom she had killed. Ha she thinks it will be easy......for me. A bloody grin splits her face. Knights are very tasty she muses. All that nobility makes them very sweet.

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