Thursday, 26 June 2014

This is the place to be

The tops of the lush green hills are bathed in golden sunlight as the sun rises. I roll out of bed, yawning. I wander downstairs to get some food for breakfast. I grab the handle of the pantry and rip it open. I stare at the contents, thinking about what I want to eat. I grab a can of spaghetti, open it and heat it up. As I eat I think of what I am going to do today. When I finish I rinse my bowl out in the sink. I race upstairs to get dressed. After I have slipped into my clothes I rush downstairs. I burst out the front door. I run up our drive way. I jump and my feet leave the ground. I soar up towards the sun. I fly over the small village I live in and land on one of the hills. I smile as my feet touch the ground again. My grey-blue eyes sweep their gaze across the valley. The air is filled with sound of cars and birds singing. The tops of emerald trees sway in the gentle breeze. I take a deep breath and think..... this is the place to be

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